FCMB offers rewards to MasterCard users

First City Monument Bank Limited says it has started a special offer to reward customers who use its Debit MasterCard for cash withdrawals, purchases or online payments within and outside Nigeria, with cash and unique gift items such as iPad-minis and android phones.

The bank said the special incentive, which comes in two categories namely; issuance/activation and usage — and tagged, FCMB MasterCard Offer, commenced in September and would run till end of October, 2014. Under the issuance/activation category, a customer issued an FCMB MasterCard for the first time receives unique FCMB customised pens and key rings instantly, upon the activation of the card, a statement from the bank said.

According to the bank, for the card usage category, a customer who spends up to N500,000 within Nigeria to effect transactions on Point of Sales or via the internet, gets up to 1.5 per cent cash back on total spend directly in his or her account. It further said that a total spend of N2m and above outside Nigeria on PoS, ATM or the internet, would be rewarded instantly with gifts such as an iPad-mini, a Microsoft surface, an android phone, among others, adding that the gift reward was contingent on the total amount spent.

The Executive Director, Service Management and Technology, Mr. Nath Ude, said the FCMB MasterCard offer was another way FCMB appreciates its customers for embracing its array of innovative products and services. “We will continue to demonstrate our commitment in providing customers with easy, convenient and reliable channels to conduct financial transactions,” Ude said.

The bank executive explained that the cash and gift rewards could instantly be redeemed by a customer as soon as he or she met the local and/or international financial transactions threshold set according to the terms of the offer. According to the bank, the FCMB Debit MasterCard is secure and reliable for real time transaction at all times. It can be obtained instantly at any of its branches and it is accepted in over 270 countries.