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The Committee of e-Business Industry Heads, CeBIH was formed in 2008 by a group of three bankers (Uchenna Okwudu, Ronke Kuye, Wunmi Ogunbiyi) as a result of passion for the growth and development of Nigeria’s electronic payment industry. The first set of meetings of the committee was hosted by Guaranty Trust and Zenith Banks.

The motivation for establishing CeBIH includes

  1. The need for Heads of e-Business/e-Payments in Nigeria banks should have a forum where they can meet and exchange ideas. In spite of the competitive nature of the business, e-Business Heads co-operate by exchanging ideas necessary for the growth of e-Business in their respective banks.
  2. To have a pressure group responsible for liaising with other industry stakeholders.
  3. Charting the course for the growth and development of e-Business.

The committee started with 8 member banks in 2008 and currently has 20 commercial banks has members.