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User ID and Password Guidelines

[otw_shortcode_unordered_list items=”6″ style=”with-icon list-style-9″ item_1_name=”Create a “strong” password using at least 8 characters that are a combination of: Mixed case letters (“A”, “a”), Numbers (0 – 9), Special characters (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, ?)” item_2_name=”Change your password frequently” item_3_name=”Never share your password with ANYONE. If you suspect misuse, please call us.” item_4_name=”The Bank employees or representatives will NEVER ask you for your password by e- mail.” item_5_name=”If you receive a suspicious “phishing” e-mail from The Bank of, please call you bank immediatly” item_6_name=”Avoid using the automatic function in web browsers to store a username and password”][/otw_shortcode_unordered_list]


General Guidelines

[otw_shortcode_unordered_list items=”7″ style=”with-icon list-style-7″ item_1_name=”Check the Last Logon Date and Time every time you log in.” item_2_name=”Review your account balances and transaction history regularly to confirm payment and other transaction data.” item_3_name=”Immediately report any suspicious transactions.” item_4_name=”Reconcile check and Bill Pay transactions to maintain better electronic record keeping.” item_5_name=”Do not use account numbers, SSN/TIN numbers, or other personal information when creating account nicknames or other titles.” item_6_name=”NEVER leave a computer unattended when performing Online Banking transactions.” item_7_name=”NEVER perform banking transactions while multiple browsers are open on your computer.”][/otw_shortcode_unordered_list]