Unified Payments Unveils ‘PayAttitude’

An innovative point-of-sale (PoS) payment solutions, PayAttitude, has been launched in the country by Unified Payments Services Limited (UPSL).
The platform is regarded as the first-ever interoperable multi-bank and mobile network-independent Near Field Communication based solution for m-commerce and m-banking.

Speaking about  PayAttitude in Lagos,  the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of UPSL, Mr. Agada Apochi, noted that the payment solution is unique in a lot of ways.

He said: “The first unique thing about PayAttitude is that there will be no issue with communication failure from your bank’s network. Each time you use PayAttitude, you are guaranteed successful POS transactions.

“The second unique thing is that you no longer need to carry a wallet for payment and carry a phone for communication, because we have achieved convergence. With your phone, which follows you everywhere, you will be able to communicate and make payments. It is unlikely that you will forget your phone at home, and if you do, you will go back home to pick it. The world is now a planet of phones, and we have to deliver solutions that talk to people’s lifestyle.

“You will be given a chip that will be put on your phone, and that chip will be linked to your bank account, and another account on the chip; so, you can make payments from the account that is on your chip, and also from your bank account.

“Once you have money on the chip account, the PoS terminal essentially will be talking to the phone; it will not be looking for connection from your bank or anywhere. In split seconds, your transaction will be completed, and you can go anywhere with confidence that there will be no disappointment. The chip that we are placing on your phone will be communicating with the POS terminal, and the transaction will happen between them.”

Apochi noted  that the technology is safe because users have to enter their pin before a transaction is authorised

According to him, the PayAttitude platforms will experience huge traffic in the coming weeks.

“We are just launching  and we hope that we are going to see a high volume of transactions, because from our own experience and research that we have done, we can confirm that poor telecommunication infrastructure accounts for 90 percent of transaction failure at POS terminals. So, having solved that problem, we can only see a huge increase in transaction volume,” he enthused.

The banks that partnered PayAttitude on the initiative include: Access Bank, Diamond Bank, First Bank, Skye Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), and Zenith Bank.