Fidelity Bank set to boost ATM revenue

Fidelity Bank Plc says it has made fresh investment in its Automated Teller Machine platforms as part of the efforts to improve on its service delivery.

The bank said the investment in the upgrade of its ATMs could help to revolutionise the quest for branchless banking among the banking populace.

According to a statement by the lender, the new ATM platform creates a customer interface that is delightful and easier to use by all classes of customers.

“The Fidelity Bank’s ATMs have legible characters, attractive icons, and give the same experience as using a smart phone because they are easy to navigate, delightful to the eyes, and give the customer great experience at every interaction,” the bank said.

It added that “adapting to emerging changes in any operating environment to deliver better products or services is a key differentiator in today’s fast-paced banking industry.

“Innovation is a catalyst for growth and success because it enables businesses to adapt and grow in the market place, and it helps to further satisfy the needs and expectations of customers.”

Fidelity Bank had last year partnered with PayPal, a global player in the e-commerce industry, to offer its customers a faster means of conducting transactions over the Internet.

The partnership allows cardholders to shop from the world’s major international retailers.

While the surge in e-commerce has given rise to concerns about online security, the bank has maintained that its cards protected with top-notch security tools